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Villages Caucus - 2019 General Assembly

2019 General Assembly Village Caucus
Monday, January 28, 2019
 Holiday Inn French Quarter Perrysburg
Call to Order/Welcome/Introductions – The Village Caucus met on Monday, January 28, 2019 at 8:30 a.m. in Depot Track 4 at the Holiday Inn French Quarter, located at 10630 Fremont Pike in Perrysburg, Ohio. 
Gordon Bowman, Pemberville Village Mayor and Facilitator of the Village Caucus, called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone present. Round table introductions were made.
Members in attendance included:

  • · Quinton Babcock, Mayor, Village of Oak Harbor
  • Genna Biddix – Administrator, Village of Fayette

·         David Borer – Mayor, Village of Fayette
·         Gordon Bowman – Mayor, Village of Pemberville
·         Michael Brillhart – Administrator, Village of North Baltimore
·         Colby Carroll – Administrator, Village of Haskins
·         Matthew Damschroder – Mayor, Village of Elmore
·         John Dierksheide – Council Member, Village of Risingsun
·         Dana Dunbar – Council Member, Village of Ottawa Hills
·         Janet Goldner – Mayor, Village of North Baltimore
·         Adam Greenslade – Mayor, Village of Green Springs
·         Robin Hindall – Fiscal Officer, Village of Risingsun
·         Rosanna Hoelzle – Administrator, Village of Swanton
·         Michelle Ish – Council Member, Village of Oak Harbor
·         David Johnson – Council Member, Village of Gibsonburg
·         Nancy Perry – Council Member, Village of Haskins
·         Jeffery Rae – Mayor, Village of Berkey
·         Dean Ridner – Village Administrator, Village of Elmore
·         Jeremy Schroeder, Mayor, Village of Weston
·         Rick Whetsel – Mayor, Village of Risingsun
Non-caucus members in attendance included:
·         Paul Pacholski, Captain, Lake Erie Charter Boat Association (non-TMACOG member)
·         Roberta Streiffert, Sr. Rural Dev Specialist, Ohio RCAP/GLCAP
·         Tim Suter – Area Manager, FirstEnergy/Toledo Edison
TMACOG personnel in attendance included:
·         Kari Gerwin – Director of Water Quality Planning
·         Joy Minarcin – Administrative Assistant
Election of Representative to the TMACOG Board of TrusteesThe following members were elected to represent the Village Caucus on this year’s Board of Trustees. A motion was made by Nancy Perry and seconded by Jeffery Rae, to approve the above list of trustees and alternates. The motion carried.  
Nominees for Trustees
·         Colby L. Carroll, Village of Haskins
·         Jeffery C. Rae, Village of Berkey
·         Gordon Bowman, Village of Pemberville
·         Dana Dunbar, Village of Ottawa Hills
·         Rosanna Hoelzle, Village of Swanton
Nominees for Alternates
·         Quinton Babcock, Village of Oak Harbor
·         Genna Biddex, Village of Fayette
·         Matthew L. Damschroder, Village of Elmore
·         Adam Greenslade, Village of Green Springs
·         Nancy Perry, Village of Haskins
Water Quality Council RepresentativeKari Gerwin explained that Water Quality Council has open seats for TMACOG member villages. David Johnson, Village of Gibsonburg expressed interest and Ms. Gerwin will follow up to request a formal appointment. No Action required by caucus members  

Appointment of Transportation Council RepresentativesA motion was made by Rosanna Hoelzle and seconded by Genna Biddix to appoint Michael Brillhart as member and Janet Goldner as an alternate on the Transportation Council; the motion carried.

Introduction of Discussion Topics – Caucus members discussed the following topics.
·         The pros and cons of electing a clerk/treasurer for the village vs. hiring a financial officer
·         Small villages face many challenges with hiring and retaining village positions.
o   Benefits and insurance coverage for employees is expensive for small jurisdictions due to small staffs. Members wondered if villages can pool together on health insurance.  
o   Larger jurisdictions and private companies can pay skilled workers (electrical distribution, water/wastewater operators, police, etc.) and supervisors more than small villages typically can.
o   Competitive wages and benefits are a must; helps prevent poaching of employees from larger villages and/or cities.
o   Investment needs to be made to certify operators for water and wastewater. The group discussed the potential for water and wastewater operator training at the high school and community college level.
o   Police academy and volunteer firefighter occupations need be introduced at the high school level.
Other BusinessA list of upcoming TMACOG events was included in the event registration folder for review as well as a list of TMACOG councils and committees. Caucus members interested in serving on committees were encouraged to complete and return the form included in the registration folder.

Adjourn – Mayor Bowman thanked the attendees for their participation and adjourned the meeting.

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