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Schools, Colleges & Universities Caucus - 2019 General Assembly

2019 TMACOG General Assembly
School Districts, Colleges and Universities Caucus
Monday, January 28, 2019
Holiday Inn French Quarter Perrysburg

Call to Order/Welcome/IntroductionsAnn Theis, dean of the School of Business, Information and Public Services at Owens Community College and the facilitator of the School Districts, Colleges, and Universities Caucus, and called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone present. Roundtable introductions were made by those present.
TMACOG Members in attendance included:
·         Dawn Burks – Board Member, Rossford Schools
·         Ed Ewers – Assistant Superintendent, Penta Career Center

·         Jennifer Fehnrich – Executive Director, Owens Community College
·         Catherine Ford – Dean, School of Nursing and Health Professions, Owens Community College
·         Jackie Huffman – Board Member, Rossford Schools
·         Cindy Hurst – Director of Corporation, Foundation & Government Relations, Lourdes University
·         Bradley Johnson – Board Member, Ottawa Hills Board of Education
·         Barry Kinsey – Director of Workforce Development, Monroe County Community College
·         Rob Kraus – Executive Director WCS, Owens Community College
·         Ronald Matter – Superintendent, Penta Career Center
·         Michael McDonald – Director of Human Relations, Owens Community College
·         Diane Miller – Interim Chief of Staff/Assistant Vice President, Government Relations, The University of Toledo
·         Mark North – Superintendent, Wood County Educational Service Center
·         Lisa Nagel – General Counsel, Owens Community College
·         Brandi Smith – Business Rep, Owens Community College
·         Tim Smith – Board Member, Wood County Educational Service Center
·         Linda Stacy – Board Chair, The Maritime Academy of Toledo
·         Ann Theis – Dean, School of Business, Information & Public Services, Owens Community College
·         Margaret Traband – Sr. Director Community Engagement, The University of Toledo
·         Bob Vasquez – Board Member, Toledo Board of Education
Non-Caucus member present included:
·         Kerrie Carte – Planning & Development Coordinator, WSOS CAC, Inc.
·         Larry Fletcher – President, Lake Erie Shores & Islands
·         Theresa Gavarone – State Representative, Ohio House of Representatives
·         Melinda Huntley – Executive Director, Ohio Travel Association
TMACOG support personnel included:
·         Sara Guiher – Water Quality Planner
·         Mary Pat McCarthy – Marketing and Public Information Manager
Topic Discussion – The Caucus discussed the following topics:
·         Education platforms for newly elected Ohio (Mike DeWine) and Michigan (Gretchen Whitmer)
o   DeWine’s focus areas include: less testing, mental health services at schools, vocational programs, opportunities for low income individuals, increased access to technology
o   Whitmer’s focus areas include: early childhood education, mental health services at schools, planning for the future, less testing, two-year degree scholarships, “quality education from cradle to career”
o   Both platforms mentioned increased respect for teachers
§  The group discussed respect for teachers – lack of support they receive in supplies, classroom aides, discipline issues, parents, and the generally low opinion of the teaching profession among students graduating high school
·         How can we encourage students to consider a wider range of careers/careers that are appropriate for them?
o   Recent State of Ohio report: by 2025 65% of Ohioans will need a degree/certificate/some form of post-secondary training to fill workforce gaps
o   Some say that students who do not do well in high school should choose skilled trades – many trades are highly technical and inappropriate if students struggle in high school
§  Need to educate students and parents on the value and high earning potential of skilled trades
§  Students are not aware that first career choice not likely a lifelong career, some employers cover continuing education
o   Exposing students to varied careers earlier on may help – students are drawn to careers that they “know”
§  Business and industry should work with educators
o   High school students are not learning the hard/soft skills associated with part-time or summer employment
§  4 Lake High School students were present: one had a part-time job but stated that he had to give up other opportunities, and three stated that they did not have time for work with the other expectations placed on them
o   Financial literacy – starting salary for career, educational expenses – should be offered to younger students
·         Inequity among students
o   High-achieving students are driven by parents and educators, mid-level students are vague about goals and career path, another segment of students are unaware of opportunities
o   Some students drive prior to obtaining a license because they do not have other means to travel to work/apprenticeships – their families are not able to afford driver’s education
o   It was noted that the State of Ohio provides funds that can cover driver’s education
Election of Representatives to the TMACOG Board of Trustees The following people were elected to serve as caucus representatives on the TMACOG Board of Trustees.
            Trustees elected to represent member school districts:
·         Trustee:      Ronald Matter – Penta Career Center
·         Alternate:   Bob Vasquez –Toledo Board of Education
            Trustees elected to represent member colleges and universities include:
·         Trustee:      Paul Knollman – Monroe County Community College
·         Alternate:   Cindy Hurst – Lourdes University
Ms. Theis asked for a motion to approve the above trustee and alternates. Diane Miller, University of Toledo, moved to approve, and Linda Stacy, Toledo Maritime Academy seconded.
Other Business – There was no other business discussed.

Adjourn – Ms. Theis thanked everyone for attending the caucus and adjourned the meeting.

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