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Townships Caucus - 2019 General Assembly

2019 General Assembly Township Caucus
Monday, January 28, 2019

Holiday Inn French Quarter, Perrysburg

Call to Order/Welcome/Introductions – Facilitator of the Township Caucus Michael Hampton, Springfield Township Administrator, called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone. 
Members in attendance include:
·         Jacob Barnes – Planning Director, Township of Springfield
·         David Bench – Trustee, Township of Jerusalem
·         Stephen Bettinger – Trustee, Township of Richfield

·         Andrew Bick – Trustee, Township of Richfield
·         Walter Celley – Administrator, Township of Perrysburg
·         Barry Cousino – Fire Chief, Township of Springfield
·         Brendyn George – Trustee, Township of Jackson
·         Kenneth Gilsdorf – Trustee, Township of Lake
·         Michael Hampton – Administrator, Township of Springfield
·         Kelly Hemminger – Zoning Administrator, Township of Perrysburg
·         E. Mark Hummer – Administrator & Police Chief, Township of Lake
·         Donald Sahloff – Trustee, Township of Whiteford
·         Ernest Sasse – Deputy Supervisor, Township of Whiteford
·         Mark Sattler – Trustee, Township of Jerusalem
·         Joseph Schaller – Trustee, Township of Perrysburg
·         Eric Wagner – Zoning Administrator, Township of Monclova
Non-caucus members in attendance included:
·         Carol Contrada – Chair, TMACOG Water Quality Council
·         Michelle Donnelly – Business Development, Corporate Intelligence Consultants
TMACOG support personnel included:
·         William Best, Vice President of Finance and Administration
·         Michael Fuller, Transportation Planner
Election of Representatives to the TMACOG Board of Trustees p the following individuals were nominated:
Trustees include:
·         Walt Celley – Township of Perrysburg
·         Penelope S. Getz – Township of Middleton
·         Michael Hampton – Township of Springfield
·         E. Mark Hummer – Township of Lake
·         Donald O. Sahloff – Township of Whiteford
Alternates include:
·         Jacob Barnes – Township of Springfield
·         David Bench – Township of Jerusalem
·         Andrew Bick – Township of Richfield
·         Kenneth L. Gilsdorf – Trustee, Township of Lake
·         Ernest Sasse – Township of Whiteford
A motion was made by Kenneth Gilsdorf and seconded by Donald Sahloff to elect the above Board of Trustee representatives; the motion carried.
Appointment of Township Representative to Transportation Council No representative was appointed to the TMACOG Transportation Council during the meeting. However, but past representative Sylvania Township Trustee John Crandall will be contacted regarding this appointment.
Appointment of Township Representatives to Water Quality Council – A motion was made by Kenneth Gilsdorf and seconded Mark Sattler to appoint the above representatives to the Water Quality Council representatives; the motion carried.

·         E. Mark Hummer, Township of Lake
·         Mark Sattler, Township of Jerusalem
·         Donald Sahloff, Township of Whiteford
·         Andrew Bick, Township of Richfield
·         Brendyn George, Township of Jackson

Round Table Discussion & Suggested Topics
·         House Bill 500 This bill, passed into law in late 2018, contains 18 provisions related to township authority. Several members in attendance testified in support of the bill. Attendees want to express gratitude toward legislators for passing this legislation.
·         House Bill 708 related to public pension double dipping Perrysburg Township mentioned this piece of legislation would prohibit extra pensions for retired persons that continue to work in public employment, so that public employees cannot “double-dip”. Members noted examples of county engineers that are retired but return to work due to lack of suitable replacements, as well as the decreased financial burden such legislation would create.
·         House Bill 255 regarding township police authority on interstates Members noted that progress on this bill appears to have stalled.
·         Whiteford Township Water Plant Whiteford Township reported on the success of their recently opened water plant. They have six customers in addition to the residents they serve. The township is planning an open house later in the year.
Legislative Update – This topic was not discussed.

Next Steps There are no requested action from the Township Caucus at this time.

Questions and Answers All questions took place under the round table discussion.

Adjournment – Mr. Hampton thanked the attendees for their participation and adjourned the meeting.

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