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Villages Caucus Jan. 29, 2018

Call to Order/Welcome/Introductions –

Mayor Gordon Bowman, Pemberville, facilitated the meeting and welcomed those in attendance. Round table introductions were made. Those in attendance are also noted on the Sign-In sheet for the meeting.

Village Appointment to Board of Trustee and Alternates-
Members Appointed:
1.       Dana Dunbar, Village of Ottawa Hills, Council
2.       Colby Carroll, Village of Haskins, Village Administrator
3.       Dave Johnson, Village of Gibsonburg, Council
4.       Jeff Rae, Village of Berkey, Mayor
5.       John Dierlsheide, Village of Rising Sun, President of Council
1.       Nancy Perry, Village of Haskins, Council
2.       Gordon Bowman, Village of Pemberville, Mayor
3.       Matt Damschroeder, Village of Elmore, Mayor
4.       Genna Biddex, Village of Fayette, Administrator
5.       Sara Valasek, Village of Walbridge, Council

Appointee to Water Quality Council:
Gordon Bowman, Village of Pemberville, Mayor

Appointee to Transportation Council:
Colby Carroll, Village of Haskins, Village Administrator

Village Discussion Topics:
First Energy, Davis Besse Shutdown-
o   2 years until shut down
o   Extremely difficult to sell structure
o   Major impact on taxes for Ottawa County
o   Taxes will affect surrounding villages also
Wood County Emergency Management System:
o   5 year mitigation plan for EMA in Wood county is being developed
o   Having a plan helps when applying for grants
o   Fulton county-police chief sets on EMA board

Maintenance Codes:
o   Maintenance codes are hard to enforce in some counties
o   Nuisance Abatement an option for villages
o   Hiring compliance officer to report to village administrator and mayor
o   Health Departments could be called on to help
o   Land Banks in counties could be of help
o   Code enforcement response team similar to Toledo’s CERT program could be developed
o   The need to put language in the zoning code

Small Animals:
o   Village limit laws concerning small animals discussed
o   Chickens a problem
o   Bees a problem
o   Limits on number permitted
o   Health and human safety concerns

Other Concerns:
The fertilizer company NESCO was brought to villages’ attention
o   Sells liquid fertilizer to farmers
o   Two classes: A and B. Class A no turndown required, Class B mandatory turndown.
o   Emits a very foul order that can last from 6 to 8 weeks.
o   Representative Theresa Gavarone, Bowling Green, said to be working on legislation to address NESCO and the problems they present.

Federal Cleanup:
The federal clean up of the old Brush Beryllium site in Luckey was discussed.
o   Cleanup of beryllium, other chemicals, and soils and debris contaminated by radiation. This work is being done by the US Army Corps of Engineers
o   1st phase of the cleanup is for $100 M. When the money runs out, the work stops regardless of the job being done. Additional appropriated money would need to come from the federal government.
o   Walbridge and Northwood opposed the disposal of the waste at the northern wood County landfill.
o   Health of former workers a concern.
o   The demolition of the standing buildings on the property is a concern and needs to be addressed.

Other News:
The efforts of a Regional Water District forming will be rolled out at a meeting 10 a.m. on Wednesday, January 31, 2018.

Kurt Erichsen, vice-president of Water Quality, TMACOG, will officially retire on January 31, 2018. A retirement reception for him will be held from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on that day at TMACOG.

A list of upcoming TMACOG events is included in the General Assembly folder for review.

Anyone interested in serving on a committee, please see the inserts in the folder of committees available to serve on and the form to fill out and send in.

Meeting Adjourned to the General Assembly Business Meeting

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