Friday, February 2, 2018

County Caucus Session- Jan. 29 2018

TMACOG staff: Tim W. Brown

Commissioner Mark Stahl provided an update on his use, and distribution, of TMACOG’s energy resolution which was passed by TMACOG’s executive committee. He also spoke about the Federal Energy Regulatory Commissions actions pertaining to a resilient and reliable energy portfolio for the nation. Representative Steve Arndt provided an update on hearings in Columbus on energy legislation.
Lake Erie and meeting the 40% phosphorous reduction goal was discussed. Commissioner Carol Contrada provided information about GLRI grants and programs, impairment designations, and two-stage ditches.  Ottawa County Commissioner Mark Coppeler shared information from a conference call with the U.S. EPA.  Sandusky County Commissioner Charles Schwochow, and Ottawa County Engineer Ron Lajti talked about farmer efforts to help clean up rivers and streams in the Lake Erie watershed.  TMACOG grants to farmers for drainage control structures was also discussed.
Lucas County Engineer Keith Earley provided an update on infrastructure spending and funding from both the federal government and state.  Engineer Ron Lajti spoke about heavier truck loads impacting area bridges.  Rep. Arndt spoke about HB 415 and his efforts to get more money back to local governments to spend on important local priorities.

Sandusky County Commissioners Kay Reiter and Scott Miller talked about their recent property tax levy for the purpose of creating a drug task force.  They spoke about some of the progress they are making with innovative approaches and requirements in Sandusky County to prevent drug overdose deaths.  Required drug treatment enrollment for repeat users is having a positive impact there. 

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