Thursday, August 13, 2015

Villages Report - 2015 Summer Caucus

Call to Order/Welcome/Introductions – Gordon Bowman, Pemberville Village Mayor and caucus facilitator, called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone present. Introductions were made by everyone present.
TMACOG members that were present included:
·         Donald Atkinson – Council Member, Village of Whitehouse

·         Gordon Bowman – Mayor, Village of Pemberville
·         Joseph (Abe) Cramer – Council Member, Village of Risingsun
·         Randy Genzman – Administrator, Village of Oak Harbor
·         Adam Greenslade – Mayor, Village of Green Springs
·         Angela Kuhn – Mayor, Village of Whitehouse
·         Michael Springer – Representative, Village of Walbridge
·         Rick Whetsel – Mayor, Village of Risingsun
·         Nancy Perry – Council Member, Village of Haskins

Non-TMACOG members who were present included:
·         John Fox – Council Member, Village of Milan
TMACOG support staff that was present included:
·         Kurt Erichsen – Vice President of Environmental Planning
·         Joy Minarcin – Environmental Secretary/Accounting Assistant
Topic Discussion – The following topics were discussed by the Village Caucus.
·         Ordinances to maintain properties
o   Problems with bank owned homes trying to enforce maintenance
o   Most villages have zoning departments, codes, and adopted ordinances that are used to enforce issues
o   Complaints are usually driven by calls or sightings from drive-by
o   Whitehouse has no external maintenance code, but looking into adopting one very soon, mirroring one of the City of Fremont
o   Some village fire departments monitor porch and entrance debris maintenance
o   Signage rules are difficult for new businesses due to the types of signs available and existing signs not being able to be used because they do not fit new sign ordinances

·         Park and Recreation
o   How are villages funding parks and recs?
o   Most villages pay for with their general funds, donations, and volunteers
o   Villages have had failed levies that lead to up kept parks, relying on volunteers to maintain upkeep
o   Information on available grants for parks and recreation is very much needed!

Generate Questions for Forum with State Lawmakers

1.      What is Ohio’s position on USEPA’s new ruling through executive order on coal fire plants?
2.      What are your thoughts on SB198 (was 282), and if there is talk about a House companion Bill?
3.      The Derolph ruling – Property taxes unconstitutional according to the OH Supreme Court to fund public education…. Thoughts??

4.      When will there be a reinstatement of local government funds? Concerned about the reallocation of local government funds to Townships. 

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