Monday, November 3, 2014

Practice Your Roundabout Skills Online

Several roundabout intersections are under construction in northwest Ohio. This interactivevideo allows drivers to choose various scenarios and learn how to navigate different situations. How should bicyclists use a roundabout? What if a fire truck is coming? How do you make a left hand turn in a two-lane roundabout?

The intersections at Detroit Ave. and the Collingwood Blvd. area will be the first two-lane roundabouts to be completed in the region. There are several other newly completed single-lane roundabouts in the region including Metamora/Mitchaw and Brint/King in the City of Sylvania, and two roundabouts along Waterville-Monclova/Dutch in Waterville Township. Another at Centennial/Dorr in Springfield Township should be completed this year.

Roundabouts reduce the severity of car crashes because there is less opportunity for head on or direct side impacts. They keep traffic moving which reduces congestion and air pollution. They also save money because without lights and signals they require less maintenance.

Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments |

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